Entertain DVD-video or motion pictures at highest picture quality.

PowerDVD is widely known DVD-video player for movies, animatinos and music contents on Windows PC with ease and high quality. Not only corresponding to Dolby Digital Consumer Decoder, variable speed play or multi angles/multi languages/multi subtitles, but also capable to play various motion files by "File mode" good for recorded movie by "Everio" and contents in HDD drives on PC.

Correspond to motion video contents playback of "Everio"

PowerDVD5 NE is correspond to the file format produced by "Everio" (.mod files) Enabled by either of following operation.

  1. Drag and drop file on to PowerDVD5 NE icon on your desktop
  2. Wake up PowerDVD5 NE and drag and drop file on screen part
  3. Wake up PowerDVD5 NE then "Select drive/play mode" to "File mode", choose file from playlist.

Difference of versions

Function name PowerDVD 5 Deluxe PowerDVD 5 PowerDVD 5 NE
Max channels of audio decoder 8channels 6channels 2channels
Max channels of sound output 8channels 6channels 2channels
Dolby Headphone
Dolby Virtual Speaker
SRS TruSurround XT™
DivX file playback
.mod motion file playback
playback .mod motion file on 16:9 wide-television mode
*except "GZ-MC100/MC200"
Dear customer
[Cyberlink DVD Solution] packaged into "Everio" Hard Disk Camcorder is fully customized. Therefore it may delete some of customized function would disappear overwritten by the other version.
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About PowerDVD5 NE
PowerDVD5 NE is the DVD playback software for DVD-video and MPEG motion pictures in Windows PC environment. Not only general DVD-videos and MPEG motion picture files, PowerDVD5 NE supports recorded motion pictures by [Everio].

About PowerDirector Express NE
PowerDirector Express NE is the video editing software for capturing, cut/merge and title insert over the recorded video contents by [Everio]. Also write back to media for reproduction by [Everio]. Seamless linkage to PowerProducer 2Gold NE when DVD-video disc burning.

About PowerProducer 2 Gold NE
PowerProducer 2Gold NE is the video authoring software for motion and still pictures on DVD or CD media. High quality picture reproduction to every kind of disc are enabled at fastest encoding time by means of "SVRT", Smart Video Rendering Technology