CyberLink DVD Solution for Everio
PowerProducer 3 NE
Create DVDs and CDs From Anywhere
PowerProducer 3 NE is the video authoring software for motion and still pictures on DVD or CD media. High quality picture reproduction to every kind of disc are enabled at fastest encoding time by means of "SVRT", Smart Video Rendering Technology

All phase no re-encoding DVD-video production
After editing recorded video by Everio and select "Produce a disc" of PowerDirector Express, it links PowerProducer 3 NE. Both applications are nicely tailored for Everio so fastest and highest quality DVD production is secured by means of Smart Video Rendering technology.

Play your DVDs with DVD Player
DVD video made from PowerProducer can be played with the DVD player and DVD recorder as much as other DVD on the market.

Supporting Widescreen
PowerProducer 3 NE can make the DVD video with the aspect ratio of 16:9. Making the multiple title that 16:9 mixed with 4:3 is also possible.
*note.If you use DVD+RW, you cannot make a multiple title. *note.The DVD menu only has the aspect ratio of 4:3.