CyberLink DVD Solution for Everio
PowerDirector Express NE
The Total Video Editing like Professional
PowerDirector Express NE is the video editing software for capturing, cut/merge and title insert over the recorded video contents by Everio. Also write back to media for reproduction by Everio. Seamless linkage to PowerProducer 3 NE when DVD-video disc burning.

Create Stunning Home Movies
Creating eye-catching movies has never been easier! Whether you are an advanced or entry-level video editor, PowerDirector Express NE gives you everything you need to enhance your camcorder videos and produce professional home movies. PowerDirector Express NE offers an improved editing interface, comprehensive production tools, technologies that save time and maintain.

Tailored Smart Video Rendering exclusively for Everio
An improved SVRT (Smart Video Rendering Technology) engine renders video separately from the audio track (and then merges the two streams) to make the process faster. PowerDirector Express NE now renders edited recorded video profiles by Everio faster than ever, while preserving the quality of your original source file. Which is applicable also to Dolby Digital encoded MPEG2 video.