QuickTime Compornent

The video in HDD of Everio can be edited by iMovie HD 6 or Final Cut Pro.

"QuickTime component" is plug-in software for Mac user who has high-definition hard disc camcorder "Everio(GZ-HD3)". The HD file of which it takes a picture with Everio in iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro can be used.

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* QuickTime component for Everio can not be used with iMovie '08. Please use with iMovie HD 6. iMovie HD 6 is available for download for those who have purchased and installed iLife '08 or are using Macintosh with pre-installed iLife '08.

>> http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/imovieHD6.html

* If you use QuickTime Component for Everio with QuickTime 7.4 or Mac OS X 10.5.2, please apply "Program Update" in this page.

Setup file for Final Cut Pro
This file can import the video in the hard disk of Everio with Final Cut Pro. When the ZIP file is downloaded, and you double-click the file, you can extract a correct file. You should copy only a necessary file onto the folder of Final Cut Pro. (You can copy all files in a folder, too.)
Please refer to the "Copy the Easy Setup file prior to starting Final Cut Pro" in the tutorial for more information.

*Notes : Please download the appropriate setup files (for 60i or for 50i) based on your country's TV system.
  • "60i" for NTSC countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico,Japan, etc.
  • "50i" for PAL countries such as European countries, South America,Australia, China, and most of Asian countries.

System Mac OS X (10.4.4 - 10.4.9)
Hardware PowerPC G4/G5 1.25GHz or above
or Intel®processor (Intel® Core Duo above recommended)
RAM 512MB or above (1.0GB above recommended)
Others USB2.0
Video Camera Support High-definition hard disc camcorder "Everio" [GZ-HD3]

*QuickTime®,Final Cut Pro®,and iMovie® trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries.